Happy New Year!

30. December 2013.

Unique Slovenia team wishes success and happiness in 2014! New year comes with glows of hopes in our mind. It gives us new confidence and courage for a fresh start Happy New Year and all the best for new ventures.

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Green tourism

03. November 2011.

As well as considering the impact of the individual guests on the local and global environment, green tourism should also cover the facilities and services on offer to tourists and how they can effect the environment. In Slovenia Green Tourism is being communicated through postional slogan "Slovenia green", created by Slovenian Tourist Board, who's mission to inform participants in tourism about the importance of climate change and the impact on tourism, and about changes in the market, together with encouraging action in the area of adapting to and mitigating climate change.

At Unique Slovenia we are supporting the idea with including "Green" accommodation, means of transport, restaurants and other activities in our itineraries.

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